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Simply put: No field in computing is as hot or heavily hyped right now as artificial intelligence. Once a science fiction dream, A.I. is now a big part of our everyday lives; whether it’s commonplace tech like fraud prevention systems, online recommendations, or the speech recognition tools driving smart assistants — all the way through to innovative new technologies like self-driving cars and autonomous delivery robots. Want to know why A.I. matters? In need of a primer on the difference between deep learning and reinforcement learning? Scared at the possibility of machine superintelligence? Helpfully, we’ve rounded up all our news, guides, and assorted other A.I. coverage in one central location.

ChatGPT and OpenAI logos.

ChatGPT app arrives for Android, but there’s a catch

Two months after launching for the iPhone, the ChatGPT app has just arrived for Android so now you can take the popular chatbot with you everywhere you go.
A laptop screen shows the home page for ChatGPT, OpenAI's artificial intelligence chatbot.

Even OpenAI has given up trying to detect ChatGPT plagiarism

A laptop screen shows the home page for ChatGPT, OpenAI's artificial intelligence chatbot.

Here’s why people think GPT-4 might be getting dumber over time

Google Pixel 8 leaked render.

Google Pixel 8: all the latest rumors and what we want to see

Person typing on a MacBook.

Top authors demand payment from AI firms for using their work

ChatGPT app running on an iPhone.

ChatGPT: the latest news, controversies, and tips you need to know

A laptop opened to the ChatGPT website.

GPT-4: how to use the AI chatbot that puts ChatGPT to shame

A laptop screen shows the home page for ChatGPT, OpenAI's artificial intelligence chatbot.

What is a DAN prompt for ChatGPT?

wix chatgpt ai site generator

Wix uses ChatGPT to help you quickly build an entire website

KateFrames Studio AI editor.

The best AI video editing tools

Google Bard on a green and black background.

Google Bard can now speak, but can it drown out ChatGPT?

ChatGPT and OpenAI logos.

ChatGPT maker OpenAI faces FTC probe over consumer protection laws

A digital image of Elon Musk in front of a stylized background with the Twitter logo repeating.

Elon Musk’s new AI company aims to ‘understand the universe’

In an apparent bid to take on the likes of OpenAI, Elon Musk has launched a new AI company that seeks to understand the true nature of the universe.
Team 1st Technologies' security robot.

Security robots could be coming to a school near you

Schools in the U.S. are testing AI-equipped security robots designed to roam the campus around the clock looking for unwanted visitors.
ChatGPT app running on an iPhone.

ChatGPT’s record growth was just dethroned by a new viral app

Over 100 million users flock to Instagram Threads in just five days, toppling Open AI's ChatGPT from its fastest growing platform throne in just six months.
A MacBook Pro on a desk with ChatGPT's website showing on its display.

ChatGPT website traffic has fallen for the first time

Research suggests that website traffic to AI-powered ChatGPT chatbot has fallen for the first time, so are people already losing interest?
A screenshot of Windows Copilot being used in the sidebar.

How to enable or disable ChatGPT from Windows taskbar

ChatGPT is built into Windows 11 through Bing search integration. You can turn it off if you don't want it, though. Here's how to disable ChatGPT in Windows 11.
ai bee brain opteran

AI breakthroughs could come via the brains of bees, scientists say

A bee's brain may only be the size of a sesame seed, but scientists in the U.K. believe its decision-making processes could help AI engineers in their work.
A digital brain on a computer interface.

OpenAI building new team to stop superintelligent AI going rogue

OpenAI is setting up a new unit called Superalignment aimed at ensuring that superintelligent AI doesn’t end up causing chaos or something far worse.
ChatGPT versus Google on smartphones.

All of the internet now belongs to Google’s AI

Google has updated its privacy policy to give itself free range over your content to benefit building and improving its AI tools.
ChatGPT app running on an iPhone.

ChatGPT’s Bing browsing feature disabled over paywall access flaw

OpenAI has disabled ChatGPT’s new Browse with Bing feature after some users discovered that it can be used to bypass paywalls.
Bing Chat shown on a laptop.

The best AI chatbots to try out: ChatGPT, Bard, and more

The rise of AI chatbots has been staggering to watch, led by ChatGPT and a host of clones.
ChatGPT app running on an iPhone.

OpenAI reveals location of its first international outpost

OpenAI has had only a San Francisco office since its founding in 2015, but following the huge success of ChatGPT, it's now ready for an international expansion.
Midjourney is a versatile, high-quality AI art generator, as seen in the community showcase.

Midjourney’s new zoom-out feature is becoming the next big AI sensation

Check out how Midjourney videos are creating a buzz on social media with mesmerizing zooms making its incredible AI artwork even more eye-catching.
A laptop screen shows the home page for ChatGPT, OpenAI's artificial intelligence chatbot.

81% think ChatGPT is a security risk, survey finds

An overwhelming majority of people responding to a Malwarebytes survey worry that ChatGPT is a security risk, with many also finding it deeply untrustworthy.
ChatGPT app running on an iPhone.

ChatGPT’s iPhone app now has Bing built-in

ChatGPT for iOS is now offers a connection to Bing for a user experience that incorporates more up-to-date information.
A slide of Xcode running on MacOS Monterey at Apple's WWDC 2021 event

Apple’s ChatGPT rival may automatically write code for you

Apple might be poised to enter the artificial intelligence chatbot race, but not in the way you’d expect. Here’s how the company could take on ChatGPT.
Catan board game close up.

I taught ChatGPT to teach me board games, and now I won’t ever go back

With plugins, ChatGPT can do all sorts of exciting things, including teaching you how to play board games. Here's how to make your own ChatGPT rules lawyer.
Google Bard responses on a screen.

What is Google Bard? Here’s how to use this ChatGPT rival

Google Bard is the company's answer to ChatGPT, and recent updates have made it even better.
The ChatGPT website on an iPhone.

NY lawyers fined for using fake ChatGPT cases in legal brief

A Manhattan judge has ordered a law firm to pay a $5,000 fine after it submitted a legal brief containing cases made up by ChatGPT.
The grounds of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships.

AI-powered commentary is coming to next month’s Wimbledon

Sports commentators who thought they were safe from the ever-expanding tentacles of generative AI should think again.
how to clear your browsing history opera browser

This web browser integrates ChatGPT in a fascinating new way

ChatGPT has been built into Opera One, a new browser that weaves artificial intelligence into its fabric. Could it give Chrome and Edge a run for their money?
The interior of a Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz brings ChatGPT voice control to its cars

The AI-powered chatbot that’s taken the world by storm this year is gradually edging its way into various parts of our lives, including our cars.
A person typing on a laptop that is showing the ChatGPT generative AI website.

ChatGPT can now generate working Windows 11 keys for free

A Twitter user has found a clever way to use ChatGPT to create free Windows 11 Pro keys with just a simple prompt -- but there’s a notable catch involved.