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Amazon Alexa


The latest news and guides surrounding Amazon Alexa. Whether you’re looking for tips for using your Echo device or better ways to utilize the voice assistant in general, we’ve got you covered.

Echo 4th Gen speaker on table.

What is Amazon Alexa, and what can it do?

What exactly is Alexa? How exactly does it work? Here's everything you need to know about how Alexa works, where it comes from, and how it can help you.
Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen, 2020 release)on a table with a yoga matt and water bottle.

The best Amazon Alexa smart speakers

Amazon Echo 4th Gen smart speaker on a table.

Best Amazon Alexa accessories: lights, plugs, thermostats, cameras, and more

Nest Smart Thermostat on wall.

The best smart thermostats for Alexa

A blue Echo Pop sitting on a table.

How to set up the Echo Pop

Amazon Echo Pop in four colors.

Echo Pop vs. Echo Dot: which is the better smart speaker?

Amazon logo on the headquarters building.

Amazon to pay $30M in FTC settlements over Alexa, Ring privacy violations

The Amazon Echo Pop and its retail box.

Amazon Echo Pop Review: a perfectly priced Alexa

Ring Floodlight Camera placed on a wall outside.

How to turn off Amazon Sidewalk on Ring devices

Echo 4th Gen

What to know before you enable Alexa Guard

Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) vs Google Nest Mini

Alexa Guard vs. Nest Aware: which is the better option?

AI assistants compared with ChatGPT.

Forget ChatGPT — Siri and Google Assistant do these 4 things better

Amazon Echo Show 10.

The most common Echo Show problems and how to fix them

Is your Echo Show giving you issues? Here the most common bugs that pop up with the Amazon smart display and several fixes you can try.
amazon-alexa-on-android feature image

How to use Amazon’s Alexa app on your smartphone

Amazon's Alexa app brings its immensely popular voice search and control features to many Android and iOS phones. We'll show you how to make the most of it.
Alexa together.

How to use Alexa Together

Alexa Together is a useful suite of Alexa features designed to help you keep tabs on family members remotely. Let's explore the many things the platform can do.
Dani lights a cigarette as zombies attack her from behind in Dead Island 2 key art.

Dead Island 2’s Amazon Alexa voice commands are novel, but limited

Dead Island 2's Alexa Game Control implementation allows players to change weapons and set waypoints, but it's a little limited so far.
Amazon Echo Show 5th Generation on a shelf.

How to connect Matter devices to Amazon Alexa

Connecting Matter devices to Amazon Alexa is a simple process, but there are a few requirements to be aware of. Here's everything you need to know.
amazon echo dot review

How to enable whisper mode on Alexa, and how exactly it works

With whisper mode, you can chat with Alexa whenever you want, even at 3 a.m. This guide shows you how to enable this cool feature and explains how it works.
The Amazon Smart Thermostat hanging on wall.

How to fix an Amazon Smart Thermostat that’s unresponsive or not working as expected

If you're looking to fix an unresponsive Amazon Smart Thermostat, there are plenty of troubleshooting steps you can try. Here's what you need to know.

Best Amazon Echo deals: Echo Dot, Echo Show 8, and more

We have rounded up all the best deals on the Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot, and Amazon Echo Show.
Drop In on the Amazon Echo Show 10.

How to Drop In on an Echo, Echo Show, or Echo Dot

Amazon's Drop In feature allows users to communicate through Echo devices. Here's how to use the Drop In feature with your Echo smart speakers.
Apple HomePod mini on table

HomePod Mini vs. Echo Dot: which is better?

Amazon and Apple have two new smart speakers on the market, but which of these next-gen devices is truly the best? Let's take a deeper look at both speakers.
Echo Dot 4th Gen Clock Model

How to change Alexa’s name or the name Alexa calls you

Tired of having Alexa listen when you don't want her to? This guide breaks down how to change Alexa's name, as well as what name Alexa calls you.
Amazon Echo Show 15 Smart Display on a wall.

The best Alexa skills to use on your Amazon Echo in 2023

Amazon Alexa has changed the way we live and play with tech. Here, we compiled some of the best and most useful skills that you can add to your Alexa today.
Amazon Echo Auto

The Amazon Echo Auto is a car accessory only die-hard Alexa users should get

The Amazon Echo Auto is a great way to get Alexa in your car without breaking the bank, but it's also an accessory you probably don't need.
Echo 4th Gen on table.

The best Amazon Echo tips and tricks

Making the most of Amazon's virtual assistant, Alexa, isn't that tough. We've compiled a list of the top Echo speaker tips and tricks that everyone should know.
Amazon Alexa Voice Remote Pro.

Amazon’s Alexa Voice Remote Pro review: put it in the box already!

The Amazon Alexa Voice Remote Pro is the best Fire TV remote — which is a shame because you'll have to pay extra for it.
Some scary teens in The Midnight Club.

How to find ghosts with Alexa (and other scary skills)

Far more than a smart home controller, many Alexa devices can also be used for some truly ghoulish fun. Here are some of our favorite frightening Alexa skills.
Astro looking at a dog on a couch.

Despite its new features, Astro is still impractical for most people

Amazon's Astro is a nifty invention, but it's functionality is still limited. It's not the most practical purchase for the vast majority of people.
Wear OS - Google Asssitant

Experts warn AI assistants are hurting the social development of children

An analysis from Cambridge experts suggest that interactions with AI assistants like Alexa is impeding the social development of children and disrupt learning.
Astro looking at an open front door of a home.

Amazon Astro gets new pet- and security-focused features

Amazon announced today new features for its Astro robot, including pet detection, Ring Virtual Security Guard support, more robust AI, and a new SDK.
The Echo Dot with Clock sits on a table.

New Amazon Echos bring ‘dot displays’ and mesh networking, plus models for kids and cars

At Amazon's Devices & Services event, the company launched four new products including an upgraded Echo Dot and Echo Auto.
The Amazon Halo Rise displaying a wake-up light.

Amazon’s Halo Rise is an alarm clock, sleep tracker, and wake-up light in one

The Halo Rise is a privacy-focused bedside sleep tracker, wake-up light, and alarm, all rolled into one package.
Super Bowl commercial featuring Amazon Alexa.

How to set up geofencing for Alexa

Did you know Alexa can run routines based on your location? Here's how geofencing works with Alexa devices, what you can do, and how to set it up for your home.

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