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Dallon Adams
Dallon Adams
Former Digital Trends Contributor

Dallon Adams is a graduate of the University of Louisville and currently lives in Portland, OR. In his free time, Dallon enjoys writing fiction, watching the Trail Blazers and crushing Galaga high scores wherever possible.

Person holding Nintendo Switch, looking at the home screen.

How to live stream on Nintendo Switch

The Switch isn't as friendly to streaming as the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Thankfully, it's possible by using our guide on how to live stream on Nintendo Switch.

The best light therapy lamps

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) affects millions of people, but light therapy can be an effective treatment. Here are our favorite lamps on the market.

How to change the oil in your car

Changing your car's oil is crucial. While it's easy and cheap to get it professionally done, it's just as easy to do it in your driveway, and it costs less.
insane ways to cook a turkey crazy feat

From flashlights to fireballs, 5 dubious but hilarious way to cook a turkey

Cooking the ol' Thanksgiving Day turkey in the oven can take hours. That said, why use a traditional oven when you can just as easily incinerate the bird with a blowtorch or Lamborghini exhaust? Here are the most insane ways to cook a turkey. Please don't try this at home, folks. And you're welcome.
weaponized satellites and the cold war in space standoff

International relations are tense in orbit. Is creating a ‘Space Force’ a good idea?

The next generation of military space-bots are already in orbit as Russia, the US, and China each struggle for dominance in space.
3D printed satellite

The space station is about as sanitary as your run-of-the-mill bachelor pad

The International Space Station may be an orbiting laboratory, but new research shows this sprawling complex hosts plenty of microscopic life.
things you could buy instead of lamborghini urus

10 things you could buy with $200,000 instead of the new Lamborghini Urus

Lamborghini has finally veiled its new SUV. The Lamborghini Urus will set you back $200,000. Here are 10 things you could buy instead.
best supermoon photos moon 2

A faithful satellite drifts stunningly close: The best supermoon photos

This past weekend we witnessed the first and last supermoon of 2017 and here are the best supermoon photos from around the globe.
return home button spacesuit feature spacewalk 1

New spacesuit design boasts ‘auto home’ button for astronauts adrift in the void

There are myriad ways to brutally die in the vacuum of space. Fortunately, a new spacesuit will feature return home feature fail-safe.
airbnb in gudbrandsdalen noraway air 1

This Norweigian Airbnb is the fairy-tale retreat of your childhood dreams

There a millions of incredible Airbnbs to choose from, but this Norwiegan sheep farm will whet your wanderlust whistle and then some.
russian gunslinging robot to space station fedor 2

Forget humans, Russia wants a gunslinging robot piloting its spacecraft

Russia has announced plans to send its humanoid gunslinging robot to outer space, but don't worry, the Russians promise it comes in peace.
tesla roadster pictures front profile 2

Tesla Roadster pictures: Get your car porn right here

The second-generation Tesla Roadster isn't set to arrive in 2020. That said, these Tesla Roadster pictures should hold us over until then.
best accidental inventions

The best accidental inventions prove sometimes it’s better not to try

Not all discoveries are the product of careful research and development. These five accidental inventions changed civilization as we know it.
leonid meteor shower

Sky watchers, get your popcorn ready: A guide to the Leonid meteor shower

In the coming days, the annual Leonid meteor shower will reach peak activity. That said, here's a comprehensive guide to the celestial event.
EVELO Delta review side profile

The Evelo Delta Review

We’ve tested plenty of ebikes over the years and we’ve never seen anything like the Evelo Delta. It looks the part but how does it perform in the wild?
new horizons

Asty McAsteroidface? NASA wants the internet to help name a space rock

New Horizons will soon rendezvous with at least one object beyond Pluto. NASA is enlisting us earthlings to name this strange new world.

Eufy RoboVac 11c review

How does the Eufy RoboVac 11c measure up to other devices on the market? Find out in our Eufy Robovac 11c review.
how does wireless charging work groovmade

How does wireless charging work? Here’s what to know before you cut the cable

How does wireless charging work? Believe it or not, it's actually pretty straightforward. Here, we lay out everything you need to know.
martian habitat space station test ice house 1

NASA is sending its strange 'Martian igloo' into orbit for a trial run

If we plan to stay on Mars for an extended period, we'll need a place to stay. That said, NASA will soon test its Martian habitat in orbit.
future space missions launch 1

Prepare for liftoff! 17 upcoming space missions worth getting excited about

There are dozens of probes in the works to investigate our galactic backyard and beyond. Here's a timeline of these future space missions.
lava tube moon base header

Newly discovered moon cave could house mankind’s first lunar colony

Researchers have confirmed a lava tube beneath the lunar surface. Geological formations like this could be used as a permanent moon base.
google maps

Explore our solar system with Google’s new maps of Pluto, Venus, and more

Google Maps created a Street View of sorts for Mars in 2014 and now the company has extended its mapping platform across our solar system.
couple smiling at phone

One does not simply share memes: Here are the dankest meme generators

Internet memes are tied into the fabric of our culture at this point. Here are four meme generators to help you waste time more efficiently.
best internet hoaxes pexels header

The top 6 internet hoaxes, from sex in space to fake time travelers

Facts are often optional on the Internet and misinformation can snowball in a hurry. That said, here are the five best internet hoaxes.
best fantasy basketball apps bball header and featured

Nothing but net: These six fantasy basketball apps are what dreams are made of

There's more to fantasy sports than setting a roster. These fantasy basketball apps will help you make it to the top of your league.
Voltaic OffGrid Solar backpack against tree

Voltaic OffGrid Solar backpack (second-gen) review

Solar paneled backpacks are a great way to recharge your gadgets and stow gear on the trail. We reviewed Voltaic’s second generation OffGrid to see how it measures up to the field.
Google Pixel 2

Battle for the Android throne: Can the Google Pixel 2 best Samsung’s Galaxy S8?

The much anticipated Google Pixel 2 has finally been revealed. The model has some impressive specs but can it compete with the Galaxy S8?
iPhone 8 apps

YouTubers test iPhone 8 durability by brutally destroying it in clever ways

The iPhone 8 allegedly has the strongest glass ever put in a smartphone, and people are testing iPhone 8 durability by killing it.
Best new Kickstarter and Indiegogo Projects

Awesome tech you can’t buy yet: Robo friends for Fido, a smart motorcycle helmet

Check out our roundup of the best new Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects and product announcements that hit the web this week.
cassini images

RIP, Cassini: 25 spellbinding Saturn images from NASA’s self-sacrificing probe

After logging more than 4.9 billion miles, the Cassini mission is finally coming to a close. Here are the 25 best Cassini images of Saturn.
Apple watch series 3 features

These 5 features really set the Apple Watch Series 3 apart

After much speculation, Apple has finally unveiled the latest Apple Watch iteration. Here are our favorite Apple Watch Series 3 features.
flood-proof houses

When waters rise, these flood-proof houses rise right with them

With rising oceans and stronger storms, flooding is only going to increase in the coming years. Could these flood-proof houses be the short-term solution?
space debris, brane craft

Weird junk-seeking spacecrafts could soon ‘bag up’ our space debris

There are thousands of pieces of space debris orbiting our planet. NASA wants to capture these materials with a fleet of pliable spacecraft.
space colony

The raddest NASA space colony illustrations from the 1970s

NASA has unveiled a series of prototype space colony designs over the years. Here are a few of our favorite vintage illustrations.