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How to unlock the Engineer in Remnant 2

Unlike the first game in the series Remnant 2 doesn't limit you to just the initial four starting Archetypes for the entire game. In fact, there are 10 in total you can play with, but not until you unlock them within the game itself. One such Archetype is the Engineer, which is a unique class that focuses on laying down turrets and wielding heavy weapons. If that sounds like a playstyle you'd like to try, finding this Archetype on your own may never happen since you need to do something rather counterintuitive. To cut down on your searching, here's exactly how to unlock the Engineer in Remnant 2.




20 minutes

What You Need

  • Find the Alien Device

How to unlock the Engineer

Your search for the Alien Device, which you need to unlock the Engineer, will begin in one of the N'Erud maps. If you're ready, load your guns, grab your friends, and follow along.

Step 1: Enter N'Erud and make it to the second overworld. This will either be Eon Vault or Timeless Horizon, but it doesn't matter which you get.

Step 2: Next, the tedious part will be finding the edge of the map, where you find the fog that damages you for entering it, and following along until you find a specific spot.

A man looking at a cliff and stones in the fog.
Gearbox / Gearbox

Step 3: This spot will be in a different spot for everyone each time, but it will always exist. You're looking for a slightly elevated area on the left near a bunch of stone pillars and stalagmites.

Step 4: This is where the counterintuitive part comes in. You need to go into the deadly fog in this direction, so make sure you know what you're doing before you run in so you don't die before getting the Alien Device.

Step 5: Run through the fog and jump across a gap.

Step 6: Here you will find a Technician corpse you can loot their armor off of.

Step 7: Take an immediate left and go forward and drop down a small cliff to pick up the Alien Device before the fog overtakes you and you die.

Step 8: Bring the Alien Device to Wallace in Ward 13 to exchange it for the Drazyr Caliper that unlocks the Engineer Archetype.

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Endurance improves your overall stamina, which will allow you to run and roll more during combat. This is a great option to level up if you're playing a character that is focused on melee, as it will allow you to run more when you get surrounded or roll out of the way of enemy attacks without worrying as much about your stamina meter. For primarily ranged players, though, it's a bit less useful, so you're probably better putting those points elsewhere early on. As with Vigor, though, Challengers will likely benefit most from the trait due to their tendency to be a group's close-quarters combat specialist.
Spirit improves your weapon mod power generation. This helps you to earn the ability to use your weapon mods more often in combat, meaning that its usefulness is entirely dependent on how useful your weapon mods are to your build. At the beginning of the game, your weapon mods will be most helpful during boss battles, and you're likely to end them before generating a second use of your mod anyways. Because of this, Spirit is likely better saved for leveling later on so that you can focus on survivability first. Gunslingers, however, are likely to see this as a good option in group settings because they're designed to be a DPS powerhouse.
Expertise improves the cooldown speed of your archetype skills. This will aid you in using these skills more frequently, which can be a help against bosses and packs of deadly foes. However, like with Spirit, the usefulness of this trait in the initial few hours of the game is limited due to the already long cooldowns and the speed at which many bosses are likely to fall anyways. While Vigor should still be a priority for most classes, Expertise can be a particularly worthwhile trait for Medics who are playing with a group, as it's vital to keep their healing capabilities available as much as possible.

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