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How to forge the Divine Weapon in Honkai: Star Rail

Tales of the Fantastic, the latest limited-time event in Honkai: Star Rail 1.2, ties in with a new chapter of the Trailblazer’s story. You can only partake in it after completing the “A Dragon Gallant, Its Ocean Distant” mission, the latest Trailblaze Mission and one part of the Xianzhou Luofu arc.

Tales of the Fantastic event banner with foreign letters on paper in Honkai: Star Rail

In it, Mr. Xiyan, a storyteller with a wild imagination, asks for the Trailblazer’s help with writing a story inspired by the events of how they and General Jing Yuan exposed the antagonist Phantylia and overcame her in battle.

Tales of the Fantastic has three parts to its Hero’s Journey. Each part came out consecutively. You can unlock each part from the event’s Travel Log promo, and each requires speaking to Mr. Xiyan and revisiting the places where the actual fighting took place. He then rewrites the scenes with extra flair to better market it to readers. The third part of that Hero’s Journey involves “forging the Divine Weapon,” which is more complicated than it lets on.

Here’s what you need to know about forging the Divine Weapon in Honkai: Star Rail.

How to Forge the Divine Weapon in Honkai: Star Rail

silver-haired girl looking at glowing tree with action options in Honkai: Star Rail

Forging the Divine Weapon isn’t necessarily difficult, there’s just a lot to remember. One mission on Herta’s Space Station tasked the Trailblazer with remembering a specific sequence used to run a machine. Forging the Divine Weapon is similar. You have to remember this sequence as is:

  • Put in the Bona Aqua
  • Put in the Ignis Aureliae
  • Put in the coolant
  • Put in the hilt-wood from the Arbor
  • Add more Bona Aqua

These steps will forge the Star-Shattering Blade of Truth, which isn’t a weapon that you can actually use, but stays in your inventory like a decorative paperweight. You can even rename the blade if the original name is too much of a mouthful for you.

What rewards do I get from forging the Divine Weapon?

Rewards for forging the divine weapon in Honkai: Star Rail icons

Forging the Divine Weapon is just one part of the Tales of the Fantastic. That said, it will reward you some resources separate from the rest of the event.

Here’s what you get for completing this part of the mission:

  • 6 Adventure Logs
  • 4 Condensed Aether
  • 30,000 Credits

It’s not much on its own, but it adds up if you complete all the parts of the mission.

What date does the Tales of the Fantastic event end?

Honkai: Star Rail star-shattering blade of truth yellow sword in inventory

Tales of the Fantastic ends at 4 a.m. ET on August 7, 2023, so you have plenty of time to forge the Divine Weapon and complete all other parts of the event.

Tales of the Fantastic isn’t a make or break limited-time event. It will net you many rewards like XP books and Credits, but it also involves many tedious battles and fetch quests. Do with that information as you will.

Honkai: Star Rail is currently available for PC, iOS, and Android.

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